About the Instruments

Meinl Sonic Energy Gong

Gongs are among the oldest musical instruments of Southeast Asia, presumed by historians to be made and used before the second millennium B.C. Gong making was known to be an ancient family secret and it was believed the making of a successful gong required the help of higher powers. Traditionally the gong has been used in ceremonies, communication, music, status symbols and to accompany life’s major events. The gongs we use at the center are modern gongs and were created last century, yet they are still made in relatively traditional methods. Each gong contains an infinite number of sounds and brings an expansive quality to the sound bath. We combine multiple gongs together in order to bring in the largest bandwidth of sound. For many, the gong sounds take them to another state and easily help create an expanded state of awareness and consciousness.

At The Soundbath Center we play only the highest quality gongs, including those made by Gongland, Tone of Life, Paiste, Meinl Sonic Energy, and other talented gong makers. All of our gongs are hand made and each one is unique in their sounds, bringing a variety of frequencies into each sound bath experience.

Sound Bowls/Crystal Singing Bowls

Sound bowls (also called crystal singing bowls) create clear bell-like sounds and are a very common sound bath instrument. They were born in the solar industry in the late 1980’s as crucibles used for silicon crystal production, however now there are companies making them as musical instruments. Crystal singing bowls are composed of silica sand (which has a high amount of quartz) that is heated to a high temperature and shaped into a bowl form.  Once heated, the crystalline structure of the quartz has become amorphous meaning it no longer has the same structure as a raw quartz crystal, and is essentially a glass bowl (that makes beautiful sounds).

The bowls come in various notes and sizes and create a strong tone that sounds like it is circling around or inside of the head. The sounds of the bowls are typically higher than the gong sound and thus add a higher and lighter feeling to the sound bath.

Sound Bowls