Bowl Basics

Bowl Basics

Date: Saturday 2/17  (date has changed from 2/11 to 2/17)

Time: 10am-2pm (2-3pm: instrument ordering and related questions)

Teacher: Jamie Bechtold

Price: $300 – $100 of price is credited towards Soundbath Practitioner Training Level 1 OR your first instrument order over $1,000. Must sign up or order within 14 days of course date.

Location: The Soundbath Center – 4688 Eagle Rock Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90041

Bowl basics is for those wanting to learn about singing bowls and the basics of how to play them. This course is mainly focused on crystal singing bowls, however metal bowls will also be discussed. You’ll get to experience a variety of different notes, bowl sizes, and bowl combinations which is great for those looking to purchase bowls but aren’t sure where to start.

Course includes:

  • All about singing bowls
  • How singing bowls work
  • How singing bowls are labeled
  • How to play singing bowls
  • How to choose the right bowl, or bowls, for you
  • In depth listening to various tones, sizes, and bowl combinations

* This course is about how to play singing bowls for personal enjoyment and meditation. This is not a training on playing professional soundbaths or using singing bowls in healing sessions. There is much more to playing a soundbath, or playing professionally that what is covered in this course.  If you are interested in playing soundbaths,  combining bowls with other instruments, or playing during a healing session, please sign up for our Soundbath Practitioner Training either in addition to, or instead of, this course. While this course is excellent if you are considering taking the soundbath training, it does not include teaching about soundbaths.