Breathwork Basics

Breathwork Basics

Date: Saturday & Sunday 3/10-3/11 (12-7pm both days)

Teacher: Robert Lee

Price: $450 with $200 deposit, $400 paid in full by 2/10

Location: The Soundbath Center – 4688 Eagle Rock Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90041



This course is for aspiring Breathwork Practitioners, yoga teachers, and people looking for personal growth and development. All experience levels are welcome and will gain something from this course.

In this course you will learn:

  • What is breathwork and how it can help you.
  • The differences between various types of breathwork (pranayama, holotropic, conscious breathing, 3-part breath).
  • The nervous system and how it relates to breathing and the body.
  • Physical grounding techniques to enhance subtle energy flow through the body.
  • How to develop a personal breathwork practice.
  • 3 different types of breathing techniques.
  • Breathwork techniques to relax your mind.
  • Subtle energetic system basics.
  • How to connect more fully to your breath and body.
  • How sound, intentions, emotions, and environment all affect your breath and body.

Why take this class?

  • You will learn tools to help you manage stress (and unpleasant emotions) for the rest of your life.
  • You will learn how to process emotional trauma and unwanted energetic blocks faster.
  • You will get energetically clear and feel amazing!

There will plenty of experiential time in this class. The group will be guided through a full breathwork experience.

Additional 2018 dates:

June 16-17

September 29-30

December 15-16