Payment Plans now available through PayPal!


We have a large selection of premium gongs for sale and are proud to be authorized dealers of:

  • Gongland
  • Tone of Life
  • Meinl Sonic Energy
  • Oetken Gongs
  • Ollihess
We also sell:
  • Paiste
  • Unlimited
  • and more!
Most gongs are shipped directly to you. Special order gongs can also be picked up at the center. 


We sell only the highest quality crystal singing bowls. Bowls are available in a variety of notes and sizes and are shipped directly to you. We sell the following types of crystal singing bowls…

  • Frosted 
  • Gemstone Fusion
  • Elemental 
  • Crystal Clear
  • Practitioner Bowls (with handles)
  • Featherlight
  • Smooth Frosted
  • Mallets & Bags
Bowls are shipped directly to you and usually arrive within 5 business days (in continental US). 


A variety of other sound bath instruments and accessories also available. Everything can be shipped directly to you.

  • Gong Mallets
  • Gong Stands
  • Gong Bags
  • Bowl Bags
  • Frame Drums
  • Ocean Drums
  • Chimes
  • Shakers
  • Rain Sticks
  • The entire Meinl Sonic Energy collection
  • and more!
  • Please contact us for pricing and availability.  Once your order is set, we will send an invoice for you to pay through. 
  • If requested, we will invoice you through PayPal which offers 2 “Pay Later” options – the first is through 4 installment plans 2 weeks apart, and the second is through PayPal Credit which allows you to pay over a longer period of time. Choose the “Pay Later” option on your invoice to take advantage of these plans. Please note that your eligibility for these plans is determined by PayPal. 
  • We offer Instrument Consultations and Gong Listening for those wanting more assistance in choosing the right instruments, or for those who want to hear before they buy. 
  • Most items ship international.