Dec 07 2023


7:30 PM - 9:00 PM



Breathwork SoundLab™ – Dec 7 7:30pm

Arrival Time: 7:15 pm

Breathwork SoundLab™ is a powerful fusion of rhythmic breathwork and a sound bath. This experience sparks mental and emotional clarity, physical relaxation, and expanded awareness. The breathwork is active, and performed while laying down. Those who fully participate can gain valuable insights. The 8 gong, 16 bowl sound bath then expands one deep into a blissful and relaxed state. Allowing an integration of discoveries made during the breathwork.

Please note this is an advanced class, and each person must sign up independently. Signing up multiple people is not allowed for this event.

Each attendee gets to use premium crystal rods during the sound bath to amplify the experience. We provide everything you need to be comfortable – yoga mat, bolster, pillow, and eye mask.

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