Nov 16 2023


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM



GongPlay® Soundbath – Nov 16, 6pm

GongPlay® Soundbath

Arrival Time: 5:45pm

GongPlay® Soundbath is our signature event at The Soundbath Center. In this sound bath, the practitioner blends the sounds of 8 gongs and 16 crystal singing bowls. Playing in a manner that creates a continuous swell of sound. This helps listeners cultivate a relaxed mind and body and an expanded state of awareness. Many people reach a deep state of physical relaxation while becoming more awake and aware of their inner world during this event.

Each attendee gets to use premium crystal rods during the sound bath to amplify the experience. We provide everything you need to be comfortable – a yoga mat, bolster, pillow, and eye mask.

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