Jun 10 - 11 2023


9am - 6pm both days
All Day



Soundbath Training – June 10 & 11


Group Event Leader™ Course

with Jamie Bechtold & Robert Lee

June 10 & 11, 9am – 6pm each day


  • Learn all about sound baths and why they are beneficial.
  • Explore instruments and playing techniques that facilitate deep meditative states and expanded consciousness.
  • Learn to play multiple types of sound baths.
  • Discover how to combine instruments to achieve the greatest positive effects for wellness.
  • Learn how to create a sustainable sound bath business.


SoundbathPlayer™ Group Event Leader™ (GEL™) course is focused on learning how to play group sound baths. This course contains science, playing techniques, coaching, and pro-tips we developed through 20 years of running a professional sound bath business. We have played over a thousand group sound baths and have taught hundreds of students since 2011. In this course, students learn all they need to know to get started playing their own sound baths.

This course is a redesign of our former course, “Soundbath Practitioner Training.” The new design offers each student the greatest amount of technique practice and experience with the instruments while in person. With that, much of the science and technical information is online so students can take their time and review the content at their own pace. The combination of in-person and online content offers the maximum learning potential.

We are currently in the initial launch period for this newly designed soundbath training. Students can sign up during the first launch and attend the in-person portion starting in March. They will receive access to the online portion of the training, along with testing, once it is complete (likely in April or May). Each participant must pass the online test before receiving their certificate (there is no extra cost to take the exam).

Instruments are not required to take the training. We suggest waiting until after you come in person to purchase instruments. Students receive special discounts on many sound bath instruments, including crystal singing bowls and gongs.