Join us for Full Moon Breathwork SoundLab™ in Joshua Tree, California.


Beginning in October, this event is on the Saturday closest to the Full Moon each month for the remainder of 2021.

Breathwork SoundLab™ is a powerful fusion of rhythmic breathwork and a sound bath. This experience is designed to spark mental and emotional clarity, physical relaxation, and expanded awareness. The breathwork is active and is performed in and out through the mouth while laying down on your back. This style of breathwork offers valuable insights for those who participate fully.

A sound bath with gongs and crystal singing bowls follows the breathwork –  expanding you into a blissful and relaxed state, allowing the integration of what was discovered during the breathwork. Sound baths are extra sweet after breathwork!


Upcoming Dates:

Saturday, October 23rd 6-7:30pm

Saturday, November 20th 6-7:30pm

Saturday, December 18th 6-7:30pm

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