Gong showcase

A workshop for those looking to purchase a new gong, learn more about the various gong options, and experience them in person before making their decision. This is your chance to get a true gong showroom experience and hear a variety of gongs from the top gong makers in the world.

             About the Workshop

   Workshop Includes

Are you looking to purchase a new gong but aren’t sure which one is best for you? There are hundreds of choices and it can be overwhelming trying to decide which gong to get. Whether it’s your first gong purchase, or you’re looking to add it to your current setup it, it can be helpful to have some guidance, learn about the differences between gong types and makers, and hear them in person.

We created this workshop after receiving many inquiries about how to choose a gong and the desire to hear them in person. For those new to purchasing gongs it can be daunting to choose based on online videos or reading the descriptions. The gongs sound different in person as you hear sounds that aren’t captured through recordings, and you get to feel the strong gong vibrations.  Learning what to listen for and the chance to experience the gongs in person will help you get more clear about which gong you want to buy, or add to your current sound bath setup.

The majority of the gongs you will hear are 36″ nickel silver gongs. 

  • Listen to a variety of gongs from Gongland, Meinl, Paiste, Oetken, and Tone of Life. At least 16 gongs will be on display during each workshop.
  • Learn about the different types of gongs and the differences in gongs from different makers.
  • Learn what to listen for when choosing your gong.
  • Get help choosing the best gong, or gongs, for you.
  • Special offers only for attendees!
Important Note! This workshop includes learning about the gongs and listening to various gongs.  It does NOT include playing or learning how to play gongs (even if you already play gongs).  If you are looking to learn to play please join us in our SoundbathPlayer™ Practitioner Courses, or if you want to play just for yourself you can book a GongPlay® Play4U™ private session (coming soon). Any questions about playing the gongs or performing sound baths will not be answered.

Upcoming Dates

New dates coming soon!

Special Offers

  • $25 credit towards any 24″ or larger Meinl, Paiste, Gongland, Tone of Life, or Oetken gong.
  • 50% of workshop fee credited towards a purchase of any 30″ or larger Tone of Life, Gongland, or Oetken special order gong.
  • 100% of workshop fee credited towards a purchase of any 36″ or larger, or any 2 with at least one 30″ or larger, Tone of Life, Gongland, or Oetken special order gong. 

Workshop Details

Workshop Length: 1.5 Hours

Price: $125