Sound Bath Event Descriptions

GongPlay® Soundbath 

A GongPlay® Soundbath is an immersive experience in sound that helps cultivate a relaxed mind and body and an expanded state of awareness. Multiple gongs and sound bowls are played in a way that offers positive effects for the mind and body, and allows one to find a greater sense of tranquility and ease in daily life. The sounds are blended together, and the entire experience is played in a continuous manner, allowing one to reach and remain in a deep state of physical relaxation while enhancing & strengthening connection to the inner world.

Event Elements:

  • Signature Sound Clearing Technique
  • 8+ Gongs & 16 Singing Bowl Soundbath
  • Crystal Meditation Rods

Minimum Age = 14 years

Summer Sound Bath
Private Sound Bath
Breathwork SoundLab™ 

**This event is currently offered only in Joshua Tree, CA. It will resume in Los Angeles once the mask mandate is dropped.  

Breathwork SoundLab™ is a powerful fusion of rhythmic breathwork and a sound bath. This experience is designed to spark mental and emotional clarity, physical relaxation, and expanded awareness. The breathwork is active, performed while laying down, and offers valuable insights for those who participate fully. The 8 gong, 16 bowl sound bath then expands one deep into a blissful and relaxed state, allowing an integration of what was discovered during the breathwork.

Event Elements:

  • Guided Breathwork Meditation
  • 8+ Gong & 16 Singing Bowl Sound Bath
  • Crystal Meditation Rods
  • Hands-on Energywork

Minimum Age = 18 years


COVID-19 Update: This event will resume again once the Los Angeles mask mandate is dropped.

DrumBath™ is a participation drumming and sound bath experience where attendees get to both play and receive. Participants typically leave feeling invigorated and integrated in body, mind, and emotions.

Minimum Age = 18 years