Sound Bath Event Descriptions

GongPlay® Soundbath 

GongPlay® Soundbath is a group experience in which multiple gongs and singing bowls are played in a manner designed to relax the body, quiet the mind, and ignite the inner experience. The sounds promote deep relaxation and peace, expansion of consciousness, and open the body’s energetic system. While there are periodic loud or intense swells of sound, the tones are generally in the medium range of volume and intensity to offer the greatest spectrum of sounds and vibration. In this experience, listeners simply relax and stay present with what they are hearing and feeling.  At The Soundbath Center, we enhance the GongPlay® Soundbath experience with our 8+ gong and 16 crystal singing bowl selection, the use of crystal meditation rods and our signature sound clearing technique. We offer these regularly, along with every full and new moon.

Event Elements:

  • Signature Sound Clearing Technique
  • 8+ Gongs & 16 Singing Bowl Soundbath
  • Crystal Meditation Rods

Minimum Age = 14 years

Summer Sound Bath
Private Sound Bath
Breathwork SoundLab™ 

Get energetically clear and open to your highest potential using a powerful combination of guided breathwork, crystal energy tools and a sound bath with 11 gongs & 12 crystal singing bowls. All SoundLab experiences are designed to evoke personal clarity, relaxation and deep inner knowingness.

Event Elements:

  • Guided Breathwork Meditation
  • 8+ Gong & 16 Singing Bowl Sound Bath
  • Crystal Meditation Rods
  • Hands-on Energywork

Minimum Age = 18 years

 Crystalline Soundbath™ 

This event is offered every Full and New Moon. The use of high energy crystals and an elixir offer a more expanded experience with the sounds.

Event Elements:

  • Moon Energy Discussion
  • 8+Gong & 16 Singing Bowl Sound Bath
  • Crystal Meditation Rods
  • Ormus Elixir

Minimum Age = 18 years

Breath Crystals Sound