Soundbath Practitioner Training: Level 1


In this beginning level training you will learn the basics of playing gongs, crystal singing bowls, and other sound bath instruments for yourself and others. This training will give you the foundational knowledge you need to get started playing sound baths with gongs and crystal singing bowls in the most graceful and effective way. No experience or instruments are necessary… this training is perfect for those just wanting to learn about sound baths or sound bath instruments for their personal use and those who plan to play professionally, leading group sound bath events.  If your goal is to play sound baths professionally, we highly recommend taking both level 1 and level 2 trainings. 

You do not need to have your own instruments to sign up, you will be using The Soundbath Center’s gongs and bowls during the training. We sell everything you need to play your own sound bath (gongs, bowls, and all accessories), and those who purchase from us receive a free follow up coaching session once they receive their instruments (with orders over $1,000).  If you do not already know which instruments you would like to start with, we suggest waiting until after the training as you will get to hear a wide variety of gongs and bowls that will help you make your decision. We also offer personal instrument consultations to students after the training, which is free with a minimum order. 

Please note – this training is about playing the instruments and sound baths and is not for teaching others how to play. You will get to hear our wide variety of gongs and bowls which will help you decide on your personal sound bath setup preferences.

After completing this training you will be eligible for the Level 2 training, where you will further your knowledge and practice in playing sound baths. Students completing level 1 will also be able to sign up for Practice & Play™ private sessions which give an opportunity to practice what was learned in level 1 and get personalized coaching on playing techniques learned in the training. 

What you learn:
  • All about sound baths.
  • The science and theory of how sound baths affect us.
  • About the different types of sound baths and how they affect us.
  • All about gongs and crystal singing bowls.
  • Experience other common sound bath instruments.
  • Fundamental GongPlay® gong playing techniques
  • The basics of playing crystal singing bowls.
  • Differences between metal, crystal, and other types of singing bowls.
  • How to play a short sound bath for individuals or groups.
  • How to incorporate a short sound bath in a yoga class, massage, reiki, or other wellness session.
  • Enhance listening skills.
  • Experience a GongPlay® Soundbath.
  • Tips and tricks unique to us that come from 16 years of playing thousands of sound baths.

The center is home to many gongs, and during the training you will get to hear a variety of these gongs and bowls which will help you make choices about your personal sound bath setup.  Participants who complete the entire training and pass the test will receive a “Certificate of Completion.” 

Class size is limited for maximum learning environment.


Total Hours: 15

2 days, 17 hours total in class time

9am – 7pm both days


In person – $650

Virtual – $450


Level 1 & 2: 


Virtual Level 1 & In Person Level 2: