SoundbathPlayer™ Practitioner Course 1


In Course 1 you will learn the basics of playing a gong, crystal singing bowl, and other common sound bath instruments for your own health and wellness, to add in to your current private wellness practice, or to get started in playing sound baths professionally.  This class is all about the basics and getting to know yourself on a deeper level.  You will learn the science of sound, about common sound bath instruments, and get to explore playing various instruments and ways to tune into yourself for better results while playing or receiving. This course is all about exploring and learning the foundational information and techniques about sound baths and sound bath instruments to get you started on your journey with sound. 

When in person, you’ll get to experience the different types of sound baths, play various instruments, learn techniques to expand your awareness, and hear over 13 different gongs and 16 different crystal singing bowls. An online version is also offered for those wishing to learn virtually.

This course is perfect for those just wanting to learn about sound baths or sound bath instruments for their personal use, for those wanting to add common sound bath instruments into their wellness practice, and is the place to start for those who plan to offer professional group sound bath events. 

No experience or instruments are necessary, and you will be using The Soundbath Center’s instruments during the course (when in person). We recommend that you wait until after the course to purchase instruments as you will learn important details and get assistance in choosing the right instruments for your needs. We sell almost everything you could want, at the lowest prices available, and offer special student discounts. 



  • Our courses are about learning how to play and do not include how to teach others how to play. 
  • As of January 2022, those wanting to learn how to play and facilitate group sound baths will need to take BOTH courses 1 & 2 in order to learn this. Course 1 does not cover how to facilitate or construct a group sound bath.
What you learn:
  • All about sound baths.
  • The science and theory of how sound affect us.
  • About the different types of sound baths.
  • About gongs and crystal singing bowls.
  • How to play a gong
  • How to play a crystal singing bowl
  • Experience and play other common sound bath instruments.
  • Differences between metal, crystal, and other types of singing bowls.
  • How to incorporate common sound bath instruments into a private wellness session.  
  • Skills and experiences to enhance your self awareness.
  • Experience a GongPlay® Soundbath.
  • And more!!!

Students will also receive a workbook. The center is home to over 40 gongs, and during the course you will get to hear a variety of these gongs and bowls which will help you make choices about which instruments are right for you. We are the only place where you can hear such a variety of gongs from all the top makers! Participants who complete all course requirements will receive a “Certificate of Completion.” 

Class size is limited to 8 students at our Los Angeles location.


2 days, 9am – 6pm both days

8 students maximum as Los Angeles location


In person – $650

Virtual – $450


Course 1 & 2 Package Discount: 

$1450 (save $400)

Online Course 1 & In Person Level 2 Package Discount: 

$1250 (save $400)