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About Sound Bath Training Level 1

SoundbathPlayer™ Level 1 Practitioner Course is all about the basics of sound baths. We focus on sound bath knowledge and science, sound bath instruments, beginning playing techniques, and exercises to enhance self awareness. This is the place to start for those who plan to begin a career playing sound baths.
This course is perfect for those wanting to learn about sound baths or sound bath instruments for personal exploration. Also for those wanting to add sound bath instruments into their wellness practice, or yoga class.
No experience or instruments are necessary. Students play The Soundbath Center’s instruments during the course. We recommend waiting until after the course to buy instruments. We sell all types of sound bath instruments, and students get special discounts.



  • Our courses are about learning how to play and do not include how to teach others how to play.
  • Students wanting to learn how to play and facilitate group sound baths will need to take BOTH courses 1 & 2. Level 1 does not include instruction on putting together a group sound bath.

What do I learn in the Level 1 Sound Bath Training Course?

  • All about sound baths
  • Difference between sound baths, sound healing, and sound therapy
  • The science of sound
  • Types of sound baths
  • Sound bath benefits
  • All about gongs and singing bowls
  • What 432hz crystal singing bowls are
  • About energy centers/chakras and singing bowls
  • How to choose the right gong
  • How to choose the right singing bowls
  • Level 1 gong and singing bowl playing techniques
  • Experience and play other sound bath instruments
  • How to add sound healing into a wellness session
  • How to add sound healing into a yoga class
  • Experience a GongPlay® Soundbath.
  • Hear at least 13 premium gongs from all the top makers
  • Get help choosing the best sound bath instruments
  • Meditation practices that help students play better
  • Skills to enhance self-awareness
  • Tips and techniques we have gained from nearly 20 years of teaching and playing group sound baths
  • And more!!!
Students receive a manual and a “Certificate of Completion” once they complete the class. Class size is limited to 8 students at our Los Angeles location.

Soundbath Practitioner 2
Soundbath Practitioner 3

2 days, 9am – 6pm both days

8 students maximum as Los Angeles location


In person – $650


Course 1 & 2 Package Discount: 

$1450 (save $400)