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Sound Baths are a great part of a corporate wellness program. Whether you make it a regular offering or just for a special occasion, your employees will benefit from this experience. Some benefits include:

Stress reduction

Enhanced focus & creativity

Reduction in anxiety

Helps in team building and connection

Increase in listening ability

Brings a more peaceful environment to the workplace

Helps alleviate stress and tension in the workplace


We make it easy to bring sound baths to your workplace. We cater each private sound bath to your specific goals and the experience you wish to offer. We have nearly 20 years of experience offering sound baths to groups and are known for providing high-quality, professional events.

Service Menu

We travel to you and offer various experiences to fit what you are looking to bring to your workplace. Rates are dependent upon location, day and time, type of service, number of participants and any special circumstances regarding your request.

  • GongPlay® Soundbath:  15-60 minute experience in which participants relax comfortably and listen to the sounds. Typically this experience includes a combination of gongs and crystal singing bowls but can be tailored to your preferences. The instruments are played in a manner that relaxes the body and calms the mind. The sounds affect the brain and nervous system, and most people feel more relaxed and refreshed after this experience.
  • Presentation + Sound Bath: 20-60 minute experience includes a short lecture and presentation followed by a gong and singing bowl sound bath.
  • DrumFlow™ Soundbath: 60-minute experience where attendees participate through drumming.
  • Virtual Sound Bath: 10-45 minute virtual sound bath experience
  • Custom Experience: Want something that is not on the menu? We have 20 years of experience and can create the perfect sound bath experience for your group. Please contact us for more info.

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