Sound Bath Instrument Consultation – get help choosing a gong or other instruments.

Gong Listening at Soundbath Center

This session is available to those who have taken our SoundbathPlayer™ Practitioner Training, or those looking to buy select premium gongs. 

Need help choosing the perfect gong for you? Attend a personalized listening experience that offers you a chance to choose the best gong for you. Our one-of-a-kind Gong Consultation is designed to help you choose the right gong to suit your needs. There are a lot of choices out there, and it can help to have professional guidance to help you make the right choice. Our center houses over 45 gongs and is the only place in Los Angeles where you can hear a large variety of gongs. Jamie Bechtold guides you through your session. She has 20 years of experience playing gongs and can offer expert advice in choosing the appropriate gong for you.

We suggest taking our Soundbath Practitioner Training if you are just getting started with gongs. We cover a lot of information about gongs and how to choose the one for you. You will also learn how to play.


Important Details:

  1. This is a listening session only, and clients do not play any of the instruments during this session.
  2. If you purchase a minimum order, a portion of the consultation fee will be credited towards your purchase. Contact us for more details.
  3. This session does not include any teaching or coaching about playing gongs, bowls, or sound baths. If you are looking for playing assistance, please sign up for our Soundbath Training.

Contact us for pricing and to schedule.