Soundbath Training FAQ

Nope, no experience necessary before taking our level 1 training. It is open to everyone.

No, you do not need to own any instruments before you take the training. During the training you will be using the centers’ instruments.

Burbank Airport is the closest and easiest airport to fly into. There are numerous hotels within a few miles and many students have had wonderful experiences with local Airbnbs.

If it is at least 7 days before the training you need to reschedule you may change your training date. We allow one transfer and there is a $100 transfer fee for doing so. Transfers are not allowed less than 7 days before a training.

Soundbath Practitioner Training: Level 1 with The Soundbath Center is required before taking our level 2, regardless of your experience. We do not allow other trainings to take the place of our level 1 as our approach to playing sound baths is very specific, and the levels build on each other. Level 1 builds the foundation for the rest of our trainings and it is a requirement for all other sound trainings (both current and future offerings) through The Soundbath Center.

Yes, you must attend the entire training in order to receive your certificate of completion and be eligible for the next level. If you miss more than 15 min of any portion of the training, you may have to arrange to make up that section privately, for an additional fee of $200 per hour.

No, your deposit or payment is good only for the exact training that you registered for. You may not transfer your payment to a different training or to any other event, class, or product.

If you made a deposit for a training, the final payment is due 7 days before the first day of training. You can make your final payment through the registration form for the training you are registered for. You will need your Registration ID from your Registration Confirmation Email.

If payment is not completed at least 7 days before the training starts, your spot is no longer guaranteed and is released to those on the wait list. If this happens contact us and if there is still space in the training you can complete your registration for that training. If a spot is no longer available and you want to attend a training you will have to start fresh and register (and pay) for a new training date.

Yes, we allow one transfer per person. In order to transfer the entire payment must be made for the training you are transferring into, plus a $100 transfer fee. You can only transfer into a training that has availability. We require at least a 7 day notice in order to transfer. No transfers allowed less than 7 days before the training you are registered for begins.

Yes, all trainings have a minimum age requirement of 18 years old.