Soundbath Training FAQ – All your training questions are answered here!

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Gongs, crystal singing bowls and select complementary and accessory instruments.

If you complete the Group Soundbath Player™ Certification Program,  you will learn the skills necessary to play group sound baths professionally.

No, our courses are for learning how to play sound baths. We do not teach students how to train others to play. All students who attend the course must sign an NDA confirming they will not share the proprietary information they learn in the course.

Students learn all about sound bath science in the training.

You do not need instruments to sign up, however to complete the course and be eligible for certification you will need a 30″ or larger gong (nickel silver or bronze), 5 crystal singing bowls, and one complementary instrument. Students receive special pricing on many instruments that we sell.

The “Chakra Set” is usually a set of 7 or 8 bowls all in one octave. For the course you will need only 5 bowls, but in 2 different octaves. We encourage students to wait until after the orientation to purchase instruments.

Yes! We sell instruments from all the top makers! Students get special discounts too!

The time to hear the instruments at the center are during your course. We do not currently offer listening at any other time and we only carry a few options at the center. Most instruments are shipped or special ordered and picked up at the center.

Yes! Stay tuned for more info!

Students who complete the entire course and pass the certification exam are eligible for the credential, “Certified Group Soundbath Player.”

Jamie Bechtold is one of the pioneers in the sound bath world. She has been playing group sound baths professionally since 2004.  Robert has been playing since 2015. Together they launched the first Group Soundbath Practitioner Training in Los Angeles in January 2015.

We will arrange private sound bath training for groups. Please contact us for details. We do not offer individual private sound bath training.

If you have additional questions related to the soundbath training that are not answered here or on the training info page, please email your questions HERE.