Soundbath Training FAQ

No, Course 1 does not include the information or techniques necessary to play a group sound bath. Course 1 is the place to start though, and those wanting to play group sound baths will need to take both Courses 1 & 2.

No, you do not need to own any instruments before you take our courses. We recommend you wait until after the course as you will learn valuable information that will help you choose the right instruments for you.

Burbank Airport is the closest and easiest airport to fly into. There are numerous hotels within a few miles and many students have had wonderful experiences with local Airbnbs.

If it is at least 7 days before the course you can transfer to another course for a $100 transfer fee. For transfers 1-6 days before the course the fee is $200, and for transfers less than 24 hours before the fee is $300.

SoundbathPlayer™ Level 1 Practitioner Training is required before taking Level 2, regardless of your experience. We do not allow other trainings to take the place of our Level 1 as our approach to playing sound baths is very specific, and the levels build on each other. Level 1 builds the foundational information for the rest of our trainings and it is a requirement for all other sound trainings (both current and future offerings) through The Soundbath Center.

Yes, you must attend the entire course and complete all requirements in order to receive your certificate of completion and be eligible for the next level. If you miss more than 15 min of any portion of the training, you may have to arrange to make up that section privately, for an additional fee of $200 per hour.

No, your training tuition is good only for the exact training that you registered for (ie – Course 1). You may not transfer your payment to a different training nor to any other event, class, or product.

Yes, we allow one transfer per person for a fee. Please see Training Policies page for fee schedule.

Yes, all trainings have a minimum age requirement of 18 years old.

Yes! If you purchase our Course 1 & 2 Practitioner Package your price is $400 less than if you purchased both courses separately. We do not offer any other discounts.

Yes! We sell instruments from all the top makers! Students get special discounts too!

The time to hear the instruments at the center are during your course. We do not currently offer listening at any other time and we only carry a few options at the center. Most instruments are shipped or special ordered and picked up at the center.

If your training was canceled because of government mandated lockdowns in 2020, the amount you paid for the training level that was canceled is good for any other training of the same title (ie – Level 1 is only good for Level 1, Level 2 is only good for level 2).  If there have been no price changes, you can attend another one without paying any additional fees. If the price has changed you will be responsible for the price difference. The price will stay the same through at least May 2022, a full 2 years after these classes were canceled. To use your credit please contact us. Your credit is only good for trainings and cannot be used for any other service or product that we offer. Once you sign up for a course all terms & conditions apply to that course (including transfer policies).

We have taken the Virtual Soundbath Training off of the schedule indefinitely. Currently, our Soundbath Practitioner Trainings are only offered in person.