Sound Bath FAQ

Get all your sound bath questions answered.

In our sound baths, multiple gongs and crystal singing bowls are played in a therapeutic manner in order to relax the body, calm the mind, and ignite inner awareness. Participants are laying down for the experience with their eyes closed. 

To get the most out of our sound baths, we suggest people relax in a comfortable position (laying on the floor, eye mask on). Then they simply listen to the sounds and stay present with what is felt during the experience. 

“Sound bath” and “sound healing” are often used to describe a similar experience. In general, “sound bath” describes group events where a practitioner plays musical instruments for the purpose of relaxation. “Sound healing” is more often used to describe a private session using musical instruments played on or around the body. 

Gong Bath® is a trademarked term. While people often use this term in the same way they would “sound bath,” the term is owned by Richard Rudis and has been since 2008. Richard Rudis uses the term to describe his live performance and meditation events. 

At The Soundbath Center, all of our sound bath events are played within safe volume levels.  We periodically measure our volume to ensure this. 

We have had many pregnant women attend our events over the past 18 years.  The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health advises that pregnant women avoid routine exposure to noise louder than 115 decibels, and our sound baths are well below this level and are within a safe volume range (we measure!).  However, every pregnancy is different and we have not found much scientific research regarding sound and pregnancy. We do not place any bowls or other instruments directly on people during our events.  We recommend pregnant women consult their physician prior to attending a sound bath event with us. Once physicians clearance is obtained, pregnant women are welcome at our sound bath events. Bring an additional pillow or two so you can lay comfortable on your side (laying on the back is not safe after the first trimester).

If it is your first time to The Soundbath Center, we recommend starting with either GongPlay® Soundbath (our signature event), or ThetaBeats™ Soundbath. If you would like to attend our Breathwork SoundLab™ event we highly recommend taking GongPlay® Soundbath or ThetaBeats™ Soundbath first (even if you have experience in other breathwork classes). 

We suggest wearing comfortable clothes, and dressing in layers in case you get hot or cold.

Yes, we do! We have sound bath events scheduled around almost every new and full moon. These ones are marked with either “new moon” or “full moon.” View the schedule here.

Fantastic! We made a whole FAQ page just for training questions. Click HERE to view the page.

We currently only offer instrument consultations to our students. The only option to hear our large variety of gongs and singing bowls is to attend a SoundbathPlayer™ Practitioner Course.

Yes, we do! We sell all types of sound bath instruments, including gongs, crystal singing bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, drums, ocean/wave drums, chimes, and more! Contact us to order.

We provide a mat, bolster, pillow, and disposable eye mask for each attendee. We also have bottled water available. Dress in layers in case you get hot/cold. You may bring a small throw or personal size blanket if desired.

No, we do not burn incense nor use scents during the sound bath. Our sanitizing mat and air spray contain essential oils, so there is usually a lingering scent. 

We have 8 available tickets in every event at the center.

Event Policies FAQ

No, we start exactly on time for every event. We are a small center and do not have a reception area. The door opens right into the sound bath area, and late arrivals would be extremely disruptive to people inside.  Arrival time is 15 minutes before the event begins. Please DO NOT KNOCK on the door if you are late.

We require advanced registration for all of our events. We have a maximum capacity of only 8 participants and we often sell out.

Your ticket is valid only for the date and time purchased. You are welcome to give or sell your ticket to another person if you cannot make the event you have a ticket for. We do not offer refunds or transfers to another date.

If you, or someone in your group, can’t make it to the event you signed up for, you are welcome to give or sell your event ticket to someone else. Just let us know who is using your ticket in advance. We do not allow transfers or offer refunds if you can not make it, as space is very limited.

Yes, minimum age requirements are as follows:

GongPlay® Soundbath, ThetaBeats™ Soundbath, Drumming Sound Bath: 14 years

Breathwork SoundLab™: 18 years

Soundbath Practitioner Trainings: 18 years

If you are not able to get down and up from the floor without assistance please contact us before you purchase tickets so we can go over your options. 

We do not allow photos or recording (audio or video) at the center. We have plenty of photos of the center posted on our social media accounts (@soundbathcenter), and you are welcome to share them as long as you credit us properly.

Currently all of our events are purchased as single events. We do not require any type of commitment. We do occasionally offer promotions. The best place to find these is by joining our email list or following us on Instagram (@soundbathcenter).

Look at our online schedule and choose the event you would like to attend. Then contact us, sending your name, gift card amount, and the gift card number. We will then send you a code to register. Please note that gift certificates are valid for services only, not products.

Our event policies can be found HERE.

We are sorry you didn’t make it to the event you had tickets for! Due to the limited amount of tickets we have available at each event we do not offer refunds or “make ups” for late arrivals or missed events.

We provide a mat, bolster, pillow, and disposable eye mask for each attendee. We also have bottled water available. There is no need to bring anything else.

We are doing many things to help prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  1. We have air purifiers running during all events.
  2. We have barriers that are placed between each person, or groups, for extra safety.
  3. All items touched are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after each use (this has always been done).
  4. We are limiting the capacity of public group sound baths to 8 participants to provide extra space.
  5. We are limiting the capacity of our Practitioner Courses to 8 participants to provide extra space.
  6. No one is allowed in who has any active COVID-19/flu symptoms, has tested positive for COVID-19 in the 10 days before coming to the center, or has been around anyone who has tested positive or has had covid/flu symptoms in the 10 days prior to coming to the center.
  7. Face masks are optional.