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NEW Soundbath Training Certification Course!

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Group SoundbathPlayer Certification Course
For those who want to learn to play professional-level group sound baths.

We have made major revisions to the premiere Soundbath Practitioner Training course we have been offering since 2017! The new version, Group SoundbathPlayer (GSP) Certification Course,  covers everything you need to know to play professional-level therapeutic-style sound baths for groups. It is for those who want to learn how to offer a premium sound bath service with a gong or gongs, crystal singing bowls, and other instruments. The focus is on making you a great player, which includes learning how to play and appropriately combine instruments, learning all about sound baths, science, theory, and history, and knowing how to put it all together into a full sound bath service. Our method has been developed by playing over 3,500 public group sound baths over the past 20 years. The new course has many additions, including new playing skills & techniques and certification for those who complete all course requirements. 

  • Offered only online, or as a hybrid course.
  • Includes live monthly webinars, Q&A, and continued support throughout the course.
  • Students receive special discounts on premium sound bath instruments. 
  • Certification requires a minimum amount of sound bath instruments, successful completion of the entire course, outside homework, and a final exam.
  • Pilot course offered in August, full pricing and online only version begins in October.
New Additions:
  • Certification for those who complete all requirements.
  • Hybrid and online-only options.
  • Intermediate gong-playing techniques.
  • More playing techniques and technique videos.
  • Proprietary playing methods for playing and structuring a therapeutic-style sound bath.
  • How to play gong & crystal bowls together.
  • Advanced transitions and instrument blending techniques.
  • Effective ways to sequence your sound bath.
  • Playing drills to help you become a great player, faster.
  • Sound bath-playing templates.
  • Best techniques for starting & ending a sound bath.
  • How to effectively add sound baths to retreats and corporate events.
  • Learn the truth about common sound bath myths.
  • Assistance in creating your sound bath setup.
  • Special student-only pricing for many sound bath instruments.
  • Guided homework assignments.
  • Live webinars with Q & A.
  • Continued support throughout the course.
  • Special introductory price for the August Pilot Course! 

Online version and full pricing begins October, 2024!

Included from the earlier versions:
  • About sound baths and why they are beneficial.
  • Sound bath history and evolution.
  • Beginner gong and crystal singing bowl playing techniques for playing a therapeutic style sound bath.
  • Learn to play multiple types of sound baths.
  • Discover how to combine various sound bath instruments to achieve the greatest positive effects for wellness.
  • Learn how to create a sustainable sound bath business.
  • Difference between sound healing, sound bath, sound meditation, and sound therapy.
  • Beginner techniques for blending instrument sounds.
  • Sound science related to sound baths.
  • Potential sound bath negative effects.
  • Difference between 432 and 440 hertz bowls.
  • About energy centers/chakras and singing bowls.
  • Sound bath templates.
  • The in-person option contains practice time, instrument listening, special skills & drills, and personal playing guidance.
GSP™ Certification Course Includes:
  • Online learning module
  • In-person workshop (1 day, optional)
  • Live online meetings 2x per month
  • Skill building lessons & assignments
  • Technique assessments
  • Technique videos
  • Instrument library
  • Instrument consultation
  • Online certification exam

This course is done at your own pace and will take 4-6 months to complete once you have your instruments. 


Minimum Instrument Requirement

To complete the course, all participants must have access to a basic sound bath setup, which includes:

  1. One 30” or larger gong made of nickel silver, or bronze (bronze Chau, not a wind gong).
  2. Large gong mallet and two small or medium gong mallets.
  3. Five crystal singing bowls—two bowls must be in the 3rd octave and the rest in the 4th octave.
  4. Two crystal bowl mallets that allow playing on the rim and side.
  5. One Complementary Instrument (bead drum, Raintower, or Percussion Tube)

In addition, each participant will need a computer or tablet with a stable internet connection, a decibel meter (stand-alone preferred), and a phone or device that records audio and video.


Pilot Price (includes in-person workshop): $1,850*

For the pilot course in August, we’re offering a special promotional price of $1850 which includes the one-day in-person workshop. You’ll also receive a $400 credit towards select sound bath instruments. 

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About the Facilitators

Jamie Bechtold and Robert Lee co-founded the first Soundbath Practitioner Training in Los Angeles, CA, in 2017. This innovative program marked a significant milestone in professional sound bath education. Together, they introduced a structured approach to professional sound bath facilitation, emphasizing both theory, practice, and techniques that enhance group sound bath experiences.

Jamie Bechtold has been an active contributor to the Los Angeles sound bath community since 2003. Her extensive experience with gongs and crystal singing bowls has enabled her to perform in a variety of settings, from intimate spaces to large-scale events. With a sound bath teaching career that began in 2011, Jamie has honed her skills by playing thousands of group sound baths, meticulously crafting playing techniques that achieve the desired effects in her listeners.

Robert Lee brings a wealth of experience from the fitness and wellness sector, dating back to 1997. His decade-long journey in teaching breathwork seamlessly integrates into the training, enriching it with a unique blend of wellness and fitness insights. Robert’s venture into playing sound baths began in 2015.

Together, Jamie and Robert have developed a dynamic and evolving training program. They aim to provide students with a thorough understanding of sound bath principles, including music theory and the skillful integration and blending of different instruments for a therapeutic effect. Their training is designed to equip students with the knowledge and techniques necessary to conduct effective and enjoyable sound baths as a profession.