Book a Private Soundbath

Available at The Soundbath Center™, Online, or a location of your choice.


Book a private sound bath at The Soundbath Center™, as a virtual experience, or a location of your choice. A private sound bath is a great way to bond with your friends or coworkers, celebrate a special occasion, or just experience a sound bath on your own schedule.

GongPlay® Soundbath (60 minutes, 1 practitioner)

1-5 people = $450

Each additional person up to 10 = $50 per person

This is our signature 8 gong and 16 crystal singing bowl event at the center. It is the ultimate sound bath experience!

Event Elements:

  • Signature Sound Clearing Technique
  • 8 Gong + 16 Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath
  • Crystal Meditation Rods

Breathwork SoundLab™ (90 minutes, 2 practitioners)

1-5 people = $600

Each additional person up to 10 = $65 per person

Event Elements:

  • Guided Breathwork
  • 8 Gong + 16 Singing Bowl Sound Bath
  • Crystal Meditation Rods
  • Hands-on Energywork

Virtual  Soundbath (60 minutes, 1 practitioner)

Conducted via Zoom app. Rates start at $225.

We play a combination of 2-3 gongs and 5-7 crystal singing bowls for each virtual event. This is a great option for offices or groups that are not in the same city or prefer to be virtual due to the pandemic. We use professional equipment to provide the best audio possible via Zoom. Rates depend on the number of people and the day/time of the week.

Sound Bath at your location

Please contact us for rates and info.

Booking Terms & Conditions:
  • Please fill out the form below to schedule.
  • Once a date and time is agreed upon, we will send you an invoice to pay the deposit through.
  • Deposit equal to event minimum required in order to secure your date.
  • Remaining payment (if any) is due at time of event, prior to event start, in one payment.
  • 1 reschedule is allowed providing at least 7 days notice is given.
  • Reschedules less than 7 days before event incur a rescheduling fee of $200.
  • New date must be booked at time of reschedule.
  • All payments are final, no refunds. Reschedules allowed as stated above.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the sound bath area.
  • View the rest of our policies here.

Contact us to book!