Sound Bath Instruments – Info about what we play in our sound baths


Gongs are among the oldest musical instruments. Historians believe they originated near Vietnam during the Bronze Age. In the past, gong-making was considered an ancient family secret. People believed the making of a successful gong required the help of higher powers. Historically, the gong has been used in ceremonies, communication, music, and as a status symbol. 

When played well, the gong brings a large array of sounds and a feeling of expansion to the sound bath.  Many people find the gongs help them move into a deep and expanded state of awareness more easily. There is a big difference between a sound bath with and without gongs. The gongs take people deep, and in our experience,  bring about the most transformation.

At The Soundbath Center, we play only the highest quality gongs made by the top makers in the world. All the gongs we play are made in the German tradition by master gong makers. We play and sell gongs made by Gongland, Tone of Life, Paiste, and Meinl. Each gong is handmade and brings its unique sound and feel to the sound bath.

Sound Bowls/Crystal Singing Bowls

Sound bowls, or crystal singing bowls, make clear bell-like sounds when played. They are a very common sound bath instrument.

The solar industry first developed them in the 1980s. These “Quartz Crucibles” were made for silicone crystal production. In the late 1980s, a few musicians began to play them. They purchased “reject bowls” from solar companies and played them for meditation and concerts. All crystal singing bowls are now made in China by companies producing them for musical purposes.

Crystal singing bowls are made of silica sand (usually 99.99% quartz – also called HPQ sand). The sand is heated to a high temperature and shaped into a bowl.  When heated, the crystalline structure of the quartz is broken and becomes amorphous. This means it no longer has the properties of raw quartz and is a glass bowl (that makes beautiful sounds).

The bowls come in various notes and sizes and create a strong tone. Many people experience the sounds as though they are circling around or inside of the head. Singing bowl sounds are higher in pitch than the gong. They add focus and lightness to the sound bath.

Sound Bowls
Soundbath Center Drums
 Other Sound Bath Instruments

There are many other instruments people play in sound baths. At The Soundbath Center, our events feature gongs and crystal singing bowls. Although we do have events where we bring in other types of instruments. Other common sound bath instruments include:

  • Ocean® Drums (Trademarked by Remo, known as wave drum or sea drum by other companies)
  • Theta Chimes or Koshi Chimes
  • Bar Chimes
  • Drums
  • Rain Stick
  • Himalayan Bowls (metal bowls)
  • Rattles
Sound Healing Instruments

Some people play sound healing instruments, such as tuning forks, in their sound baths. Tuning forks are more often used in one to one private sound healing sessions, but are sometimes seen in group events.