Soundbath Event Testimonials

“Attending a sound bath led by Jamie is the quinessential sound bath experience. Jamie posseses a genuine musicality, as she naturally extends herself into the instruments. She improvises fluidly with planetary gongs and rose quartz singing bowls to create truly cosmic compositions. These vibrational ‘symphonies’ of sound will transport you out of body (often times the force is so epic, I feel like I’m on stage with at a stadium rock concert!). At the conclusion of her sound baths, you are at once utterly elevated and totally grounded. I personally feel re-tuned, clear, more consciously aligned. It’s for this reason that I’ve made a monthly pilgrammage to Jamie’s sound baths for over 5 years, always discovering new healing through sound.”

– Amy D. (soundbath regular)


“She (Jamie) is the best in LA hands down. Sweet and tapped into the deeper undertones of the music and sounds. She continues to impress!!! Best!!!”

– A happy soundbath attendee


“Jamie is amazing and I truly enjoyed the sound bath and her sincerity and energy that she brings to the place and you can tell she is a genuine person and wants to help people. I really recommend doing a sound bath with her and checking out the space that she created there. ”

– A happy soundbath attendee


“Hi Jamie – I would like to thank you, Robert and SDS for an AMAZING experience. I have told my friends and family that it was the most profound and life changing experience I have ever had. I feel blessed to have been in LA for this AMAZING retreat. I feel more empowered, focused and confident since back. I also feel a great sense of calm inside, something that I have not felt for as long as I can imaging. I finally feel confident and in control. I am working to continue to continue working each day.”

– Jeff P. (New Year’s Event attendee)


“A Sound Bath with Jamie is unlike anything you have ever experienced! Feeling the sound flow through you is such a visceral experience – as you feel it penetrating every cell, it sweeps through your brain, washing away all thoughts, cares, worries and distractions, allowing you to become fully present. For me, in my hectic life as a working mom, this is truly a gift. It’s an almost effortless way to clear your mind and rejuvenate your body that can have a profound impact on your mental/physical/emotional well-being. Whether you’re an over-worked professional or a spiritual seeker looking to deepen your practice, I highly recommend giving Jamie’s Sound Baths a try. Fabulous!”

– Rayna M.