Student Testimonials

Soundbath Training

“Very thankful to have found The Soundbath Center to take the Level 1 and Level 2 Soundbath Practitioner Training. Level 1 Training with Jaime and Robert was presented in a way that was fun, interesting, well organized, educational, practical and easy to understand. I loved all the hands-on practice with a variety of bowls and gongs, as well as the self-care portion of the Training. All of it was well worth my time and money. Looking forward to practicing my newly learned skills and attending the Level 2 Training.” 

–  Julie (Level 1 & 2 Soundbath Practitioner Training)


“If you want to learn how to orchestrate a sound bath, I would highly recommend taking the sound bath practitioner training from Jamie Bechtold, the owner of the Soundbath Center. Jamie has vast knowledge regarding sound baths from proper techniques to creating the sounds with different instruments. I found the sound bath practitioner training to be the most complete and thorough training for conducting sound baths.” 

– Lisa (Level 1 & 2 Soundbath Practitioner Training)


“I recently took level 1 and level 2 Sound-bath training with Jamie Bechtold and Robert Lee. They are the experts in the field! The attention to detail is unmatched. Jamie’s 15 + years of experience with Bowls and Gongs is invaluable to anyone wanting to get the best possible training. I am sooo glad that I live local, in both of my class people came from out of state, New York, Arizona, San Francisco, Dallas etc. How far one will travel to get the best training possible.”
– Silvia  (Level 1 & 2 Soundbath Practitioner Training)


“I highly recommend the Soundbath Practitioner Training to anyone interested in this field. I received more than I could have imagined. Jamie’s 14+ years of experience is passed on in a thoughtful and thorough way. Every aspect was handled with professionalism, respect and integrity. I am so happy I did it and am extremely grateful. Jamie and Robert make an amazing team. I can’t say enough about the whole experience.”

– Judith  (Level 1 Soundbath Practitioner Training)


“I completed the Level 1 and Level 2 Soundbath trainings with Jamie and it has really transformed my playing. Her instruction is clear, her knowledge is vast and she makes the trainings a lot of fun. She also has a very supportive presence which goes a long way toward building your confidence. Simply the best!”

– Karen  (Level 1 & 2Soundbath Practitioner Trainings)


“When I signed up for the class I was not sure of what to expect. I was nervous.  I have had several sound baths during breathwork sessions that just left me feeling a void and empty versus what I was trying to get from them which was a feeling of completeness.  As a facilitator myself I thought that I could get a nervous system reset where I could get up and feel like a million dollars.  Which is why I felt I needed to take this class.  I wanted to learn what makes a great sound bath!  I was curious as to how the gong could actually soothe me versus make my nervous system want to collapse and how to incorporate it with the crystal bowls. Well, with theory and applied techniques I learned a lot more than what it takes to make a great sound bath.  I learned the ethical way of playing, the science behind it, the woo woo and how to be responsible when playing.  Altogether this is one of those few classes that I get to be a part of where I feel complete. Where I feel like the facilitators and I are on the same wavelength and can appreciate the huge responsibility we take on when working with and for others well being. I think this is the 101 class that any Sound Bath Therapist should be taking in order to learn how to play responsibly not just for the community but for ourselves.  Our own self care. Jamie and Robert, thank you for your dedication and for what you do for the community especially when there are no real Rules of Engagement.  You are creating this with your sense of responsibility and your ethics.  If my practice continues to grow as I incorporate the sound bath techniques I learned with you both, I am definitely coming back for private sessions!!”
– Akary (Level 1 Soundbath Practitioner Training)


“Hi Jamie! First I just want to tell you how grateful for the teachings I received at your training! We did an event last night- the first since the training- and I saw the difference in EVERYTHING. From my prep to my playing to my relationship with the people…it made a world of difference.”

– Teresa  (Level 1 Soundbath Practitioner Training)


“Hi Jamie! I played a gong and bowl for a reiki class and people literally cried. Thank you so much for being my teacher.”

– Jolene (Sound Healing and Reiki Student)