Sound Bath Training –  Learn how to play group sound baths!

Jamie Bechtold
2023 In-Person Dates & Registration

What do students learn in our Soundbath Training?

  • All about sound baths and why they are beneficial.
  • Explore instruments and playing techniques that facilitate deep meditative states and expanded consciousness.
  • Learn to play multiple types of sound baths.
  • Discover how to combine instruments to achieve the greatest positive effects for wellness.
  • Learn how to create a sustainable sound bath business.
  • Difference between sound healing, sound bath, sound meditation, and sound therapy
  • Sound bath science
  • Sound bath benefits
  • About the sound bath instruments
  • Potential sound bath negative effects
  • All about gongs and singing bowls
  • What 432hz crystal singing bowls are
  • About energy centers/chakras and singing bowls
  • The business of sound baths
  • How to play gongs, singing bowls, and other sound bath instruments
  • Tips and techniques we have gained from 20 years of teaching and playing group sound baths
  • And much more!

The 2-day in-person weekend also includes:

  • Practice sound bath playing techniques for gongs, crystal singing bowls, and other sound bath instruments.
  • Listen to a variety of premium gongs and singing bowls.
  • Learn skills and playing techniques only offered in person to enhance your playing.
  • Receive personal guidance on your playing.
  • Get help with your sound bath setup.
  • and much more!
Students get access to special pricing on all types of sound bath instruments.
Jamie Bechtold

Ready to learn to play Sound Baths?

We are thrilled to announce our new soundbath training, called SoundbathPlayer™ Group Event Leader™ Course! After seven years of offering our all-in-person sound bath training and 12 years of teaching how to play, we have redesigned our training.

SoundbathPlayer™ Group Event Leader™ (GEL™) course is focused on learning how to play group sound baths. This course contains science, playing techniques, coaching, and pro-tips we developed through 20 years of running a professional sound bath business. We have played over a thousand group sound baths and have taught hundreds of students since 2011. In this course, students learn all they need to know to get started playing their own sound baths.

Our training is for students who want to:

  • Learn to play group sound baths.
  • Start a sound bath business.
  • Learn more techniques and skills to add to a current sound bath business or practice.
  • Strengthen instrument playing techniques and skills.
  • Learn how to play different types of sound baths.

This course is a redesign of our former course, “Soundbath Practitioner Training.” It is offered only as a hybrid course, with both in-person and online learning. The new design offers each student the greatest technique practice and experience with the instruments in person. With that, much of the science and technical information is online, so students can take their time and review the content at their own pace. The combination of in-person and online content offers the maximum learning potential.

We are currently in the initial launch period for this newly designed soundbath training, which is offered at a special price during this period. During the initial launch period, students can attend the in-person portion, and will receive access to the online portion and testing once it is complete (estimate is the end of May). Each participant must pass the online test before receiving their certificate (there is no extra cost to take the exam). Once the online portion is available, the training price will increase.

Instruments are not required to take the training. We suggest you wait until you come in person to buy instruments. Students receive special discounts on sound bath instruments, including crystal singing bowls and gongs.

Jamie Bechtold

About the facilitators

Jamie Bechtold & Robert Lee developed this training based on Jamie’s years of experience playing sound baths.

Jamie has played group sound baths with gongs and crystal singing bowls for the past 20 years. She is the first female to play sound baths professionally in the Los Angeles area and has played thousands of public sound baths. She launched the first Soundbath Practitioner Training in the Los Angeles area in 2017 and is the owner of the first venue dedicated exclusively to sound baths and sound bath training. Currently, she plays 6-8 public sound baths weekly at The Soundbath Center in Los Angeles.

Robert has worked in the fitness and wellness industry since 1997. He has taught breathwork for the past 10 years and expertly blends his wellness and fitness knowledge into the training. Together Jamie and Robert created this training, developing exclusive techniques to teach students how to play the most effective sound baths they can.

Jamie and Robert work with all the premium gong and sound bath instrument suppliers worldwide to offer their students and clients the best sound bath instruments available.

Investment & Info

We are in the early launch of this training and those who sign up to come in person will receive access to the online content once it is ready. The below price is an early launch price, and will increase when the online portion launches.

Early Launch Price: $850

In-Person Timing: 2 days, 9am – 6pm each day

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