Sound Bath Training –  Learn how to play group sound baths!

Jamie Bechtold

The new soundbath training format will launch in early 2023. Registration, pricing, and other details will be available soon!

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What do students learn in our Soundbath Training?

Take the full training and learn…

  • All about sound baths
  • Difference between sound healing, sound bath, sound meditation, and sound therapy
  • Sound bath science
  • Sound bath benefits
  • About the sound bath instruments
  • Potential sound bath negative effects
  • How to play a sound bath with a yoga class
  • All about gongs and singing bowls
  • What 432hz crystal singing bowls are
  • About energy centers/chakras and singing bowls
  • How to choose your sound bath setup
  • How to facilitate group sound bath sessions
  • How to add sound healing into a wellness session
  • How to add sound healing into a yoga class
  • How to structure and play different types of sound baths
  • The business of sound baths
  • How to play gongs
  • How to play singing bowls
  • Tips and techniques we have gained from nearly 20 years of teaching and playing group sound baths
  • And much more!

The 2-day in-person workshop also includes:

  • Listen to at least 13 different premium gongs
  • Listening skill practice
  • Receive multiple types of sound baths
  • Practice the fundamental playing techniques taught in the online course
  • Play a premium gong
  • Play crystal singing bowls
  • Experience and play other common sound bath instruments
  • Receive personal guidance on playing techniques
Students get access to special pricing on all types of sound bath instruments. We look forward to sharing the new format with you; more details will be announced soon.

Ready to learn to play Sound Baths? Join our SoundbathPlayer™ Practitioner Training!

Our new Soundbath Practitioner Training format is launching in January 2023. The new format has more options so students can decide which path to take based on their own sound bath goals. Students can take the entire course on-demand (online) or choose a hybrid of on-demand and in-person learning.

Our goal is to prepare students to play in a manner best for their specific sound bath goals. There are different types of sound baths and different reasons people want to play. SoundbathPlayer™ Practitioner Training offers options for every type of player.

Who is our training for?

Our training is for students who want to:

  • Learn more about sound baths
  • Learn to play the gong, singing bowl, or other instruments for themselves, family, or friends
  • Play sound baths professionally
  • Learn more techniques and skills to add to a current sound bath business
  • Add sound therapy to a current wellness practice (massage, therapy, reiki, yoga, etc.)
  • Gain more knowledge and credentials to enhance their current sound bath practice

Jamie Bechtold