Training Policies

All policies for 2024 courses and workshops will be posted once the registration for each course is available. If you have previously taken a training, view information about your homework and certificates below.

Course  Access, Homework, and Certificates

Group Event Leader™ Course – 2023

  • Access to Online Course Materials: Participants are granted access to the online course materials for a duration of eight months starting from the date of their in-person weekend workshop. If access to the course was granted after the in-person workshop, then the eight-month access period begins from the date the course invitation was received.
  • Homework Submission Deadline: All assignments must be submitted within eight months from the date access to the online course was granted. Assignments submitted after this eight-month period will not be accepted.
  • Homework Completion Requirement: To be eligible for a certificate, all assignments must be fully completed. If an assignment is submitted incomplete, it will be returned once for completion. If the assignment remains incomplete upon second submission, a fee will be charged for any further reviews.

    Level 2 – December 2022 and Earlier

  • Homework Submission Deadline: Submissions for the Level 2 Certificate of Completion are no longer accepted. The deadline for submitting these assignments was within 12 months of course completion, with a final cutoff date of December 31, 2023.

2020 COVID-19 Training Cancellations: Course access expired March 1, 2022.