About Sound Baths

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What is a Sound Bath?

The term Sound Bath can be used to describe a variety of experiences. In general, the term typically applies to an “in person” experience where people relax and listen to sounds.

Our Sound Baths are played in a specific manner to create relaxation and also guide listeners on a journey of self discovery and inner exploration.  Our playing style and the instruments we use help relax the mind, body and nervous system. This results in a feeling of deep relaxation and peace, expansion of consciousness, and numerous other benefits (especially when experienced regularly).

At The Soundbath Center we use a combination of 8 premium gongs and 16 crystal singing bowls. We change out the gongs regularly, which creates various experiences in sound. Our signature sound bath experience is called GongPlay® Soundbath. When a sound bath practitioner is skilled in combining the sounds, the greater amount of gongs and bowls is very effective in relaxing the mind and body. This helps one to feel a greater sense of overall health and wellbeing.

Events at The Soundbath Center are unique because we keep it intimate and personal.  Attendance is limited to 8 people maximum at every event, and only 6 for Breathwork SoundLab™. We are about helping you connect to you, not everyone else in the room.

What makes a good Sound Bath?

While the ultimate judge of a good sound bath experience is the receiver, there are certain things that are important in creating a great sound bath. The quality of instruments, how they are played together,  and how skillfully the player performs all matter in the sound bath performance.  Anybody can hit the gong but not everyone can blend and merge the sounds of the gongs and bowls together in a way that create a therapeutic sound bath experience.

Knowledge of basic music theory, the quality of instruments, volume management along with the sound bath performers’ connection to themselves, the participants and their instruments will influence the quality of the sound bath. For example, if the performer is ungrounded (or spaced out), or focused on themselves and not the group,  the sound bath may feel ‘disconnected’.

What do I do during a Sound Bath?

During a sound bath participants relax in a comfortable position, usually laying on their backs.  For best results, participants should listen and stay present with the sounds and what they are experiencing and feeling. One can get much more out of the sound bath if they stay present, and not just use it as a time to take a nap. Each sound bath experience is unique – sometimes more physical sensations are felt, other times it feels like an emotional journey, and other times people will see colors, shapes, or images similar to a waking dream. Occasionally the sound bath will activate the higher mind and people will receive creative insights, or work out issues they couldn’t solve prior.  Generally, a deep state of relaxation of the body and mind is achieved and most people look and feel brighter and more relaxed after a sound bath.

Soundbath Center
Sound Bath Gongs

Sound Bath Etiquette

  • Arrive clean and free of cologne, perfume, or strong essential oil scents.
  • Turn your cell phone off (not on vibrate) and leave it in the cubby.
  • Do not touch the sound bath instruments (even if you are super curious).
  • Arrive 15 minutes early so you can be sound bath ready at the scheduled start time.
  • Do not talk during the sound bath.
  • Do not drink alcohol or use drugs before or during the sound bath.