The Soundbath Center, Los Angeles

A sound bath is an experience where one plays musical instruments to relax the body and calm the mind. Sound meditation or sound healing are other names often used for sound baths. At The Soundbath Center, we offer therapeutic sound baths. We play multiple gongs and crystal singing bowls at every event. Some clients have described the experience as “a concert for the soul.” Read more..

The Soundbath Center is Los Angeles’s premiere venue dedicated to sound baths.  We offer 6-8 sound bath events weekly and bimonthly Soundbath Practitioner Training courses. Owner Jamie Bechtold has 20 years of experience playing sound baths. The center is intimate and cozy, with a maximum of 10 participants per event. Our gong wall is a highlight, featuring 8 gongs Jamie plays in each sound bath. We aim to provide a premium experience to help you connect to the many sound bath benefits.

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