SoundbathPlayer™ Level 2 Practitioner Course

Play Sound Baths for Groups!

Course 2 is for those who wish to facilitate group sound baths.  You will gain the skills and practice necessary to play a professional group sound bath with gongs, crystal singing bowls, and other sound bath instruments. This course covers all the foundational gong and bowl playing techniques to play sound baths in a graceful and therapeutic manner. You will learn all the basics of playing gongs and crystal singing bowls, learn how to play gongs and singing bowls together, graceful ways to transition between various instruments, and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to play in an effective manner. Music theory, science, designing your sound bath, and how to create your personal setup is also included. 

We recommend taking this course as soon as possible after course 1. We will go more in depth about the various sound bath instruments and assist you in choosing the best personal sound bath setup for your goals. You will get to hear over 13 gongs from the top gong makers in the world,  and 16 crystal singing bowls in person which will assist you in choosing the gong, or gongs, for you. This course is only offered in person.


  • Our courses are about learning how to play and do NOT include how to teach others how to play.

What you learn:

  • Foundational gong playing techniques
  • Intermediate gong playing techniques
  • How to transition smoothly between various instruments
  • How to play a gong and crystal bowl together
  • Music theory and how to combine instruments effectively
  • Signature drills that will greatly enhance your playing abilities
  • How to play multiple instruments together, blending the sounds smoothly
  • How to play for various audiences
  • How to vary the sound bath experience through technique and instrument choices
  • How to structure your sound bath
  • How to add a sound bath into a yoga or fitness class
  • Lots of practice and listening time
  • Other ways to enhance the sound bath experience for you and the participants
  • Tips and techniques we have gained from nearly 20 years of teaching and playing sound baths

Students will also receive a workbook. The center is home to over 40 gongs, and during the course you will get to hear a variety of these gongs and bowls which will help you make choices about which instruments are right for you. We are the only place where you can hear such a variety of gongs from all the top makers! Participants who complete all course requirements will receive a “Certificate of Completion.” 

Class size is limited to 8 students at our Los Angeles location.


Completion of SoundbathPlayer™ Course 1


2 days, 9am – 6pm both days

6 students maximum as Los Angeles location





Course 1 & 2 Package: 

$1450 Full Pay (both in person)