Soundbath Practitioner Training: Level 2

Refine your playing skills!

Level 2 is for those who are serious about becoming a professional Soundbath Practitioner.  You will gain the skills and practice necessary to play a professional sound bath with multiple gongs and crystal singing bowls. You will also learn how to choose various gong and bowl combinations to provide different sound bath experiences. We will be going more in depth on what you learned in level 1 – from playing to taking care of yourself and the room, pairing instruments, and much more. Level 2 focuses on playing techniques, transitions, and relationships between instruments.  There is also plenty of practice time in this level.

In addition to the in class hours, those wanting a Certificate of Completion and be eligible for our future more advanced levels must complete a minimum of 35 outside “homework.”


What you learn:

  • Intermediate gong playing techniques
  • How to transition smoothly between gongs and gongs and bowls
  • How to play gongs and crystal bowls together
  • Signature drills that will greatly enhance your playing abilities
  • How to put together gong and bowl combinations
  • How to play multiple instruments together, blending the sounds smoothly
  • How to play for various audiences
  • How to vary the sound bath experience through technique and instrument choices
  • Lots of practice and listening time
  • How to manage your energy and the space you are playing in
  • Self care techniques for longevity in the field
  • Other ways to enhance the sound bath experience for you and the participants
  • Tips and techniques we have gained from 16 years of teaching and playing sound baths

Students will receive a Soundbath Practitioner Level 2 workbook. In addition you will also get to hear a wide selection of instruments at The Soundbath Center, giving you a greater knowledge of the different gong sounds.

*Level 2 is limited to only 8 students for maximum learning! 


Completion of Soundbath Practitioner Training: Level 1 at The Soundbath Center




Level 1 & 2 Package: 

$1450 Full Pay (both in person)

$1250 Full Pay (Level 1 virtual, Level 2 in person)