Inspire others through the joy of playing sound baths!

About the Practitioner Trainings…

Learn what you need to play sound baths in a graceful, therapeutic manner. Our goal is to provide you with the information and experience you need to play sound baths with gongs and crystal singing bowls played simultaneously, to groups of any size, in a “fully engaged” manner. We will provide you with current scientific information about sound baths, and also share results we have seen through our 17+ years of practice and experience playing and teaching about sound baths. 

Packaged in easy to understand, 2 day classes, our Practitioner Trainings are focused on teaching you how to play sound baths with gongs and crystal singing bowls at the same time, in a group setting.  Students learn to play in a continuous, graceful manner and at safe volume and intensity levels. Additional practice time on your own will be necessary after the trainings so you can fully integrate what you have learned.

For those wanting to play professionally, we highly suggest planning on taking both level 1 and level 2 trainings. Level 2 will build on what you learned in level 1 and give you the appropriate knowledge and skills to play professionally (with practice of course). After completing the requirements of each training, students receive a “certificate of completion” from The Soundbath Center, and will be able to continue with more advanced trainings at the center. 

With every training, you get to hear part of our wide selection of gongs and crystal singing bowls. The Soundbath Center is home to over 40 gongs and 16 crystal singing bowls. This is the only place where you can hear Tone of Life, Gongland, Oetken, Paiste, Meinl, and other gongs in person! This is extremely valuable for helping you decide which gong or gongs you would like for your sound bath setup.

Our Level 1 training is also offered online.  This is a great option if you can’t make it to Los Angeles, or would like to get started on your training for a lower price.

*Please note…. all of our trainings are practitioner trainings, meaning you are trained to play sound baths. These trainings do not teach or certify you to teach others how to play sound baths.

Learn More…

Soundbath Practitioner Training: Level 1

17 hours (in class)  

6 student maximum per training at this time

Learn the science of sound baths and foundational techniques for playing gongs, crystal singing bowls, and other common sound bath instruments.   Good for both those wanting to learn for personal use, or for those on the track of becoming a professional Soundbath Practitioner. 


Soundbath Practitioner Training: Level 2

17 hours in class

Additional outside hours required for those wanting certification.

6 student maximum per training at this time

Learn to play multiple instruments together, transitioning between gongs and bowls with ease and grace. Gain additional knowledge and skill to perform professional sound baths. If you plan to play professionally level 2 is a must!


Practice & Play™

After attending level 1 or level 2 trainings, students are eligible for our Practice & Play™ private sessions. These classes give students an opportunity to practice what they learned and get personalized coaching on their playing techniques.

Soundbath Training
Soundbath Training
About the Teachers…

Jamie Bechtold (formerly known as Jamie Ford) has over 17 years experience holding sound baths and has been teaching sound therapy since 2011. She was one of the first people in Los Angeles to play sound baths and has experienced first hand the incredible growth in the sound bath field. She has developed her signature method of playing through the course of performing thousands of sound baths for groups and individuals, through teaching sound therapy for the past 9 years, and through her education in Biology, sound therapy, Reiki, yoga, massage, and acupuncture. These trainings are a result of all of her experience, she has developed a training method that will help her students deliver the best possible sound bath experiences. Learn more about Jamie here.

Robert Lee has over 25 years experience in the wellness field. He brings his background in personal training, yoga, pilates, gyrotonics, breathwork, and Reiki to the trainings. He as an expert at helping people get grounded and connected to their physical form. Playing sound baths is very physical and Robert’s signature self care techniques are important for longevity in the sound bath field. Learn more about Robert here.

Other trainings…

We also offer trainings in Breathwork, with is a wonderful compliment to the Soundbath Practitioner Trainings. 

Breathwork Training – Coming Soon!