Robert Lee

Robert Lee
  • Founder of BodyPHD
  • Creator of MetaBreath™ System of Healing
  • Creator of UMSE (United Movement® System of Exercise)
  • Co-teacher at all Soundbath Practitioner Trainings at The Soundbath Center

Robert Lee has been fully committed to helping people change their bodies and lives through fitness and wellness for the past 20 years. His diverse knowledge of the body, subtle energy, and thorough teaching style makes him one of the most in demand wellness experts in Los Angeles. Robert’s multi-dimensional approach to health and wellness is perfect for anyone aiming to lose weight, build strength and muscle, overcome physical injuries, connect with their innate wisdom and intuition, release stress, and find their highest path in life . Using his unequaled personal training experience and more than 10,000 hours of combined formal education in Pilates, Yoga, Olympic Weightlifting, Breathwork, Sound Healing, Reiki, and Crystal Healing, Robert’s goal is to empower and inspire everyone he works with.

Robert’s Offerings:

Private/Semi-Private Sessions –

  • Breathwork SoundLab™ Private or Semi-Private at The Soundbath Center

Group Events –

  • Breathwork SoundLab™ at The Soundbath Center and affiliate locations
  • Crystalline Soundbath at The Soundbath Center

Trainings –

  • Co-teacher in all Soundbath Practitioner Trainings offered by The Soundbath Center
  • MetaBreath™ Teacher Training (Coming Soon!)