Soundbath Training Registration

SoundbathPlayer™ Group Event Leader™ Training

Upcoming In-Person Course Dates

At this time, SoundbathPlayer™ Group Event Leader™ course is available as a combination of online and in-person learning. The online portion is still being created, and in-person registration is open. The training is offered at a lower price until the online portion launches. To sign up, choose the in-person date you would like to attend. Everyone who signs up will receive full access to the online, on-demand portion of the course as soon as it’s available (likely end of May).

June 10 & 11 – Sign Up Now!
July 8 & 9 – Sign Up Now!
August 19 & 20 – Registration Available Soon!
October 7 & 8 – Registration Available Soon!
November 11 & 12 – Registration Available Soon!
December 9 & 10 – Registration Available Soon!