Jamie Bechtold

Jamie Bechtold is one of the pioneers in the sound bath world, and her career in sound baths began in 2004. She is the co-founder and owner of The Soundbath Center in Los Angeles, CA.  Jamie was the first to open a studio for sound baths and sound healing (opened in 2015 as The Sound Space). She has made a career out of playing sound baths for almost 20 years.

Jamie developed her sound bath playing methods through playing thousands of group sound baths. From the start, she combined gongs and crystal singing bowls, being the first (that we know of) to play them simultaneously in a sound bath format.

Her fluid, therapeutic style of playing multiple gongs and crystal singing bowls yields consistent results in participants. Jamie has performed sound baths all over Los Angeles since 2005 and has played a large part in the rise in the popularity of sound baths. 

It was slow going at first as the joy of sound baths didn’t start catching on until 2011. They began gaining popularity around 2015/2016 and have exploded in popularity now. In 2010 Jamie enrolled in yoga teacher training and soon began teaching her unique blend of yoga and sound healing, called “Yoga and Sound.” She taught this class at many studios around Los Angeles through 2016. At that point, she also began offering sound baths – sometimes up to 10 per week at different yoga studios. 

In 2011, Jamie began offering sound therapy training, first teaching students privately. In 2012 she started teaching groups how to lead one to one sound therapy, or sound healing, sessions. 

In 2015 she and Robert Lee met and began holding events together.  They soon combined their talents and expertise to create what The Soundbath Center is today. They have led large group events and retreats together, along with many unique sound bath event offerings.  In 2017 they launched the first Soundbath Practitioner Training in Los Angeles and have continued ever since. 

Education Highlights:
  • BS Biology from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  • Sound Healing/Tuning Forks – 200 Hours with Kat Lyons
  • 500 hours Massage & Bodywork Training – Emperor’s College & Santa Monica School of Massage
  • 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Blend in Burbank, CA
  • Sound Healing with Tuning Forks – John Beaulieu
  • Reiki Master Training at Peace Place in Sedona, AZ (Usui, Karuna Reiki®, and Seichim Reiki)
  • Clairvoyant Meditation Training Program – Racquel Moore
  • Acupuncture – 2 years training – Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA
Work Highlights:
Jamie Bechtold (Ford)